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Winter Camp Final Payment Due 12/6

Posted on Dec 2 2023 - 10:31pm

Final payment for winter camp is due on 12/6. Payments go directly to the camp. All parents can make payments through the email they were sent after initial signup with the subject line "Winter Camp 2023".

Christmas Shopping for Scouts

Posted on Nov 23 2023 - 3:42am

Just a reminder - there are a lot of sales going on right now for Black Friday, and camping gear makes excellent holiday gifts for Scouts and Scouters!  Some websites to look at for sales include www.rei.com, www.osprey.com, www.seatosummit.com, and www.backcountry.com just to name a few.

Winter Camp - T-Shirt Order Deadline is November 26!

Posted on Nov 13 2023 - 7:41am

Our Winter Camp Online Trading Post link is now LIVE! Units and Scouts attending must plan and purchase their Winter Camp T-shirt prior to camp! Order as a unit or individual and have them shipped to your home/unit before Winter Camp! Options are available in both cotton, long-sleeve, and hoodies; these shirts will be a cool commodity this winter! These shirts are ONLY available online, our trading post will not stock this varities. Which means you must act now!

Mulch Drive Coordinator Needed

Posted on Oct 24 2023 - 11:19pm

Our spring mulch drive is right around the corner.  Troops 0617 and 4617 are in need of an adult volunteer to help lead this fundraiser event, which runs from January to March.  Primary responsibilities are the overall coordination of the mulch orders and deliveries (ensuring that we know what deliveries are requested, what payments are received, what mulch is ordered, and so on).  We typically begin taking requests January 1 and made two deliveries, one in early February and one in March.  If you are willing to help our Scouts with this fundraiser, please contact Ms. Meyer or Mr. Herrmann.

Wreath Fundraiser

Posted on Oct 9 2023 - 8:07pm

Once again it's time for our annual Wreath Fundraiser.  This is the easiest fundraiser you will ever do!  To participate, you send out this website www.giftitforward.com to any friend, family or neighbor.  The customer will go to the website and will enter your name and the troop code TR617FL001, they then order with product(s) they want.  They pay for it online, and then the company sends it directly to them.  As a scout, you will not have to deal with money or delivery.  Each scout will get $7.20/product for their scout account.  Each of the wreaths are made from fresh pine trees.  They smell great and last for several weeks. The current deliver time is the week before Thanksgiving, just in time for the holiday season. Each tree that is cut down to make a wreath is then replaced with a replanted tree.  If more information is needed, please see Mrs. Sherman.

Payments and Reimbursements

Posted on Oct 3 2023 - 11:43am

There have been a few questions lately regarding how to make a payment to the Troop for a campout, or how to obtain reimbursement for expenses such as grubmaster food or gas to summer camp.  To better support you with these topics, we have provided expanded instructions on the web site, found in the left Menu Bar under "Treasurer Info".  You can view this page here

Anyone with outstanding expenses is requested to please submit them according to the instructions found here.

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