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Solar Eclipse 2024!

Posted on Apr 3 2024 - 10:35pm

Some of you recall a solar eclipse that was visible in the United States in 2017.  On Monday, the path of this month's solar eclipse will cross the country and provide an opportunity for those in the United States to view a complete blocking of the sun (a total solar eclipse)!  Even if you aren't able to travel to one of the locations in the path of totality, the eclipse will still be visible in Florida.

Troop Elections

Posted on Apr 3 2024 - 10:28pm

Troop Elections will be held on April 15th.  The troop will elect it's Senior Patrol Leader and new Patrol Leaders within each patrol.  Scouts 1st class and above in rank are reminded that they need a position of responsibility to advance to their next rank and they should think about how they want to provide leadership to the troop.

CyberChip phased out - Personal Awareness Videos now Required

Posted on Feb 3 2024 - 9:28am

Effective January 1, 2024, Scouts BSA discontinued the CyberChip program.  The Scout and Star requirements associated with CyberChip have been replaced with Personal Awareness videos.  These videos are required and should be viewed and discussed with a parent to satisfy the requirements.  The new videos can be found at https://www.scouting.org/training/youth/scouts-bsa/.


Posted on Feb 1 2024 - 12:43am

There's a lot going on in the coming days, and we need everyone to pay attention and sign up for events on time!

Summer Camp:  Registration is now open; deposits and merit badge selections are due in a few days! Read below for more information on Bert Adams Summer Camp

TNAW:  This campout is next weekend and registration closes in 2 days!  If you want to attend TNAW with us you need to sign up ASAP!

Scout Sunday First Shift and Second Shift:  We will be giving back to University Carillon this Sunday and all Scouts are expected to participate.  Sign up for either shift.

Camp Cards - Show and Sell

Posted on Feb 1 2024 - 12:41am

There's plenty of spots remaining to sell camp cards: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0845A5A72BA4FB6-47458605-camp#/

To accept credit cards (with a .75 cents fee) go here: https://www.jotform.com/app/223353576234153?fbclid=IwAR1HqCp_NW-6N38wSeVbbwyc5Jca3x3OdP4AE5M6TAjnU5dp5beau8jaFLg 

Wreath Fundraiser

Posted on Oct 9 2023 - 8:07pm

Once again it's time for our annual Wreath Fundraiser.  This is the easiest fundraiser you will ever do!  To participate, you send out this website www.giftitforward.com to any friend, family or neighbor.  The customer will go to the website and will enter your name and the troop code TR617FL001, they then order with product(s) they want.  They pay for it online, and then the company sends it directly to them.  As a scout, you will not have to deal with money or delivery.  Each scout will get $7.20/product for their scout account.  Each of the wreaths are made from fresh pine trees.  They smell great and last for several weeks. The current deliver time is the week before Thanksgiving, just in time for the holiday season. Each tree that is cut down to make a wreath is then replaced with a replanted tree.  If more information is needed, please see Mrs. Sherman.

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